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If you are “somebody”, we cannot work together. If you are, however, a nobody like me, we will be good friends.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself
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I’m Mohammad Vahidirad

I am Mohammad Vahidirad. It has been a long time since my friends have known me as Mohammad Rad though. I believe that once an individual finds his or her self (or their ego), they find themselves among other egos without whom it is impossible to continue living. Every human being agrees to the fact that they are all a part of a society which they make with other people. Although this society can vary from the inside, it has a general meaning, purpose, culture, and its own characteristics.
I am also of the idea that in our society, women represent our power which, as a matter of fact, appeals to men.

Even though I am also known as a business theorist, planner, and finance expert on an international level, I have never been about theoretical and empty slogans. Instead, I have always tried to put matters into practice and focused on achieving my goals.  
Some of my customers, who are currently my friends, compare me to a tree of prosperity that has the ability to create unique ideas. They also know me as an economic analyst and a business strategist. 
In the literal sense, I can consider myself a pragmatist. I am not a good speaker, but I can be a good friend and advisor. If you have ever attended my classes, seminars, or webinars, you already know that theoretical issues are not of our concern. Our goal is our outcome. 

Management can be both innate and acquired. Although I have grown up in a prosperous family, I remember that I started my first business in the three fields of assembling personal computers, marketing, and sales when I was a 16-year-old high school student. This is why I can say that over 20 years of varied business experience, I have obtained a solid fund of empirical and academic knowledge. This, however, resulted in my understanding and analyzing different business conditions and market positions.

I decided to immigrate from Iran to Canada many years ago. This matter did not stop what I did as an entrepreneur. It was in fact, an opportunity for me to expand my business. Nevertheless, after years of residing in Canada, I learned that you should not forget about the dreams you once had when you come to a new country. Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be most of the time. Remember that your dreams are the foundation of your achievements. 

  • Montreal Chamber of Commerce member
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Court of Arbitration member
  • World Chambers Federation (WCF) member
  • World Chambers Congress (WCC) member
  • Business with\from\in Canada Book’s Author
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise 01 Learning (First international Computer learning college for kids) (2021-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Canadian Lifestyle (Supplier of pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements) (2020-Present)
  • Founder and manager of Canadian franchise Global Green Construction (first manufacturer of composite finished products) (2020-Present)
  • I-C-P composite production factory’s strategic development deputy (2019-Present)
  • Montreal AS-C factory’s international development deputy (2015-2018)
  • Canada Iran business association (the first international association between Iran and Canada under the supervision of the Canadian Foreign Ministry and officially registered in Iran in the private sector) founder and CEO (2016-Present)
  • Founder of the legal and commercial group of Canada RSM Capital (2015-Present)
  • Owner of the Canada Capital Code Technology company of advertisement and international trading (2014-Present)
  • Capital Ideal Holdings finance company owner (2014-Present)
  • Deputy and legal representative of Canada Multi-Invest financial resource company (2013-Present)
  • Founder and director of Hodhod Cultural Media (The first Persian language online media in Canada) (2013-Present)
  • Member of the founding board of Persian Language Speakers of Quebec from 2013
  • International finance advisor of oil pipelines and urban development project in Baie-comeau in the north of Quebec province of Canada
  • Member of the Board of the Iranian-Canadian Congress in 2022
  • Leesham brand manager for food distribution and manufacturing in North America
  • Business consultant at Iran Lotus (The first producer of Fiat vans)
  • Strategic development consultant at Parseh Investment Holding
  • Finance consultant at Parsian Leasing (First to offer house leasing in Iran)
  • Creator of the first multilateral contract of leasing to replace the old taxis of Tehran in Iran (between Iran Khodro Co., Post Bank, National Fuel Transportation Organization, Ministry of Interior, Alborz Taxi and Parsian Leasing)
  • Consultant and representative of China Harbor’s Financial Company in Iran
  • Consultant and representative of IBO UAE Financial Company in Iran
  • Ayrik Satrap Pars trading company owner
  • Financial advisor of Mehro Mah Mashhad multiple towers
  • Saadat Abad administrative and commercial project’s financial advisor
  • Contract consultant of Haraz Rah Company
  • Etemad newspaper advertisement development consultant
  • Sizan Dezh construction company’s owner and manger
  • Hodhod Tejarat Payam Resan commercial company’s owner and chairman of the board
  • Digital Park’s contract affairs consultant
  • Anbooh Sazan-e Sabz-e Iran construction company’s CEO
  • The owner and director of the Rad Consulting Group (active in the field of contact development under the Planning and Budget Organization’s supervision)
  • Iran Tejarat-e Sabz company’s CEO (importer of Caterpillar industrial generators and Representative of Remsa Brake pad from Spain)
  • SECO/WARWICK industrial group’s official consultant and representative in Iran whose products are construction and road engineering machines from Poland
  • Financial consultant and contractor of Ghadir Housing Cooperative in the construction of a 280-unit housing project
  • Financial and contract advisor of Ayrik administrative and commercial complex on Ferdows Boulevard in Tehran
  • Financial and contract advisor of Elahieh Tower in Tehran
  • Project manager’s deputy in Tehran Kamioon construction project (The first heavy and semi-heavy machinery exhibition on Saveh Road 10th kilometer)
  • Founder and manager of informatics and computer training department of Voronezh State University’s Tehran branch
  • MSc of Business Analysis from University of Montreal
  • Network Security diploma from Montreal Teccart College
  • French language certificate from University of Montreal
  • Strategic Crisis Management from Moscow State University
  • Commercial Management certificate from Amir Kabir University of Technology
  • Crisis Management certificate from Payame Noor University
  • Advertisement management certificate from Payame Noor University
  • Digital Advertisement certificate from Shahid Poor Ghazi Center operating under Amir Kabir University of Technology

Without valuable friends and colleagues, a manager would be nothing. It is certainly with the presence of such fellows that a professional group as such can have such outstanding performance.