Somayeh Miryousevi

I am Somayeh. I wanted to become a teacher when I was a child. As I grew up, I realized that learning was my real passion. That was when I decided to give up my childhood dream and become a student of life. I learned to listen, ask, support, face challenges, and choose successful people as my role-model to become a good manager in my career path. Success is a matter that ought to be learnt and experienced.

  • Financial Consultant at IA International investment company
  • Industry, business and kids teaching entrepreneur
  • Public relations, effective advertisement and human resources consultant
  • Coach and financial consultant in professional investment in global capital markets
  • Founder and manager of Toutou 123 numerique educational brand in Canada (Children’s digital art and programming Center)
  • Strategic director of 01Learning (the first international computer learning college for kids) franchise and commercial brand (2021-Present)
  • Strategic director of Canadian Lifestyle (supplier of pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements) franchise and commercial brand (2020-Present)
  • Strategic director of Global Green Construction (the first producer of composite finished products) franchise and commercial brand (2020-Present)
  • Strategic communication manager of I-C-P composite production factory (2019-2021)
  • Strategic manager of Canada Iran Business Association (the first international association between Iran and Canada under the supervision of the Canadian Foreign Ministry and officially registered in Iran in the private sector) (2016-Present).
  • Manager of the branch of RSM Capital Commercial and Legal Group of Experts in Canada
  • Strategic manager of Canada Capital Code Technology advertisement and international trading company (2014-Present)
  • Strategic manager of Capital Ideal Holding finance company (2014-Present)
  • Strategic manager of Hodhod Cultural Media (the first Persian language online media in Canada) (2013-Present)
  • Leesham brand manager for food distribution and manufacturing in North America
  • MSc in chemistry from Tehran university
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Programmer and financial security analyst