Nahid Nasiri

( Tax, Treasury and Accounting Specialist )

  • Tax, treasury and accounting specialist
  • Ritcher company accountant in Montreal (2016-Present)
  • BSc in Accounting form Al-Zahra university

  • Business development manager of 01Learning commercial brand and franchise (the first international computer learning college for kids) (2021-Present)
  • Business development manager of Canadian Lifestyle commercial brand and franchise (supplier of pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements) (2020-Present)
  • Business development manager of Global Green Construction commercial brand franchise (the first producer of composite finished products) (2020-Present)
  • Business development manager of I-C-P composite production factory (2020-Present)
  • Program coordinator of Canada Iran Business Association (the first International association between Iran and Canada under the supervision of the Canadian Foreign Ministry and officially registered in Iran in the private sector) (2020-Present).
  • Program coordinator of RSM Capital Commercial and Legal Group of Experts

  • BSc in Instrumentation & Control Technology
  • Project management certificate
  • Programmer and IT project manager

Elaheh Sadat Taktehrani

(Business Development Manager )

Reza Asadolahi

( Manager of RSM The Capital Group )

  • Manager of the RSM Capital Group of Experts Iran and the Middle East
  • Commercial manager of Canada Iran Business Association in import and export affairs
  • 01 Learning’s shareholder and Middle east’s office manager
  • Export manager of ICP Company (Composite sandwich panels producer)
  • Interested in mountain climbing, skiing and cycling
  • Experience in producing and exporting sport goods and working with shops in Iran, exclusively representing companies from European countries such as France, England, …
  • Professional experience in turning and mould manufacturing
  • Years of experience in construction
  • Founder and major shareholder of a food manufacturing company
  • Economic and investment advisor of economic, commercial and cultural firms

  • Bachelor’s degree in History from Tehran University

  • 01 Learning shareholder
  • Translator of legal and technical texts at Iran and Canada Business Association
  • Continuous cooperation with RSM Capital
  • Program coordinator and international affairs manager at Nasime Vesale Baharan Company
  • House and garden construction
  • Interested in mountain climbing, skiing and cycling
  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture with years of experience of teaching architecture software such as: 3Ds Max and AutoCAD
  • Fluent in English and capable of translating and writing specialized texts in scientific and commercial fields

Sara Shah Hosseini

( Shareholder )

Soha Sadat Seyed Mousavi

( Website Admin and SEO Expert )

  • Hodhod media website admin and content creator
  • SEO expert
  • Author, editor and chief editor in the field of online media
  • Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Islamic Azad University North Tehran Branch
  • Microbiology master’s degree student

  • Member of the “Professional Organization of Quebec Journalists” And Member of the Canadian Journalists Association
  • English language translator of the news and articles Hodhod Media
  • 1994: Translation and publication of four books from English and German, and compilation of 3 books in the field of family, psychology, art and …
  • 2001: Reporter, journalist, and news editor in various virtual written media, such as: Donyaye Eghtesad newspaper, Jame jam newspaper, IRNA, Hosban newspaper, Siasate Rooz newspaper, Eghtesade Rooz news website, Mirase Arya news agency and Presidential Administration of Iran
  • 2001-2011: Radio Iran Reporter
  • Owner and editor of Salam Gardeshgar magazine
  • Bachelor’s degree in German language translation
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree in social communication and journalism

  • Member of the Association of Iranian Journalists
  • Member of Tehran Province Journalists’ Association
  • Member of the Association of Muslim Journalists
  • Member of Iran Free Journalists Association
  • Member of the International Journalists Federation
  • Ranked 3rd in the article contest in the 2nd Tourism Festival for an article in Donyaye Eghtesad Newspaper
  • Appreciation letter from Radio Iran manager participating in Iranian Studies programs as an expert and reporter
  • Appreciation letter from 2nd International Cultural Heritage Media Festival for presenting an Iranian studies report in Rahe Shab program on Radio Iran
  • Appreciation letter from vice president and head of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization for a series of content about tourism published in official newspapers on World Tourism Day in 2006
  • Appreciation letter for a report about the first spring tourism festival in Tehran
  • Appreciation letter from the President on National Journalists’ Day
  • Appreciation letter from the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on National Journalists’ Day

Mitra Yazdchi

( Interpreter )

Saba Gholami

( Blogger )

  • Member of the board in charge of exploring Arzanfood/Hamedan under the supervision of Mr. Ali Khaksar (2011)
  • Member of the board in charge of determining the frontiers and boundaries of Afe Kojour Nowshahr, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Ghamari Fatideh (2011)
  • Member of the board in charge of determining the frontiers and boundaries of Mouzi Poshteh Nowshahr, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Ghamari Fatideh (2013)
  • Member of the board in charge of speculating the frontiers and boundaries of Jogh Famenin historical castle, archeology expert in pottery data technical design, under the supervision of Esmaeil Rahmani board member in Hamedan (2015)
  • Historical places tour leader in 2015, Tekye BiglarBeygi, Kermanshah Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Office
  • Member of the board in charge of exploring Chia Sabz Roudbar Koohdasht/Lorestan under the supervision of Dr. Atta Hasanpour (2016)
  • Member of the board in charge of exploring Zardrouyan Cemetery in Marivan under the supervision of Mohammad Masoumian and Dr. Alexander Trovets (2017)
  • Member of the documentation team of Hegmataneh Museum in Hamedan under the supervision of Mr. Ali Khaksar (2017)
  • Member of the team in charge of exploration and stratigraphy of Ghala hill in Gilangharb\Kermanshah under the supervision of Dr. Houshang Rostami (2019)
  • Worked at Bourse Emrooz Magazine (2020)
  • PhD candidate in Archeology from Mazandaran university
  • Master’s degree in Archeology from Hamedan Boo Ali Sina University (ranked 30th in the Iranian University Entrance Exam)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Archeology from Hamedan Boo Ali Sina University (ranked 113th in the Iranian University Entrance Exam)

  • English language teacher and translator
  • Honarfar Art and Cultural Group administrator
  • Galo and Room Number 13 short movies translator
  • Interested in art and literature
  • Shahid Beheshti University student of French language and literature (ranked 86th in the Iranian University Entrance Exam in 2018)

Fatemeh Rahimzadeh

( Interpreter )

Hodeiseh Heydari

( Presenter )

  • Kiosk-e Eghtesad presenter and producer
  • Resaneh Mohajeran Hodhod program presenter
  • Cooperation with IRIB’s dubbing department for 1 year
  • Project manager and supervisor of the publication of 120 audiobooks (Shakib Publications, …)
  • Narrator of 70 audiobooks (Shakib Publications, …)
  • Cooperation with Filmkhaneh Program on IRIB 4 Channel
  • Narrator at Avanameh Institute
  • Cooperation in dubbing with GEM Group and MBC Persia
  • Island Stories series and Ghalamchi Dolls voice actor
  • 10 stage reading performances
  • 5 years of professional experience in narration and dubbing
  • 2 years of experience in teaching oratory skills

  • Associate’s degree in Fashion Design from Al-zahra university
  • Associate’s degree in Tourism Management from Parsian University of Applied Science and Technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Tourism management from Parsian University of Applied Science and Technology
  • Oratory Skills, Narration and Dubbing certificate from Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization

• Membership of the Board of the Martial Arts Federation _ Kung Fu Partova (1400)
• Consultant and Development Manager and Communications of Iran Managers Club (1400)
• Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Famous Association
• Secretary of the Board of the Association of Iranian Scholars (1399-1400)
 • Member of Sari International Policy Council Events (1400)
• Secretary of the Board of Directors of financial Law Clinic (1399-1400)
• Founding member of Iranian Cultural Association (1394-1400)
• Secretary of the Board of Directors of Bank Noo-Andishan Association (1392-1399)
 • Secretary of the Coordination Council of Mazani Tehrani Organizations (1399-1400)
• Coordinating Secretary of the Northern Tehran alliance (1398-1400)
• Secretary of Policy Council of Mazandaran Week Commemoration Headquarters (1392 – 1400)
 • Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Tabariz thinkers Foundation (Mazani of Tehran) (1392-1400)
• Chief executive officer and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Talarpeh Cultural Association (Ghaemshaher Residents who live in Tehran) (1392-1399)
• Chief Inspector of the Iranian Educational Management Scientific Association (1392 – 1400)
• Executive Secretary of the Scientific Association of Educational Management (1391-1393)
•lead Editor of Tonekabon University Journal of Management and Education (1388-1386)
• Legal Representative of Keshavarzi Bank (1383-1400)
 • Special Supervisor of Keshavarzi Bank (1392 – 1400)
• Legal Representative of Keshavarzi Insurance Fund (1383-1400)
• Secretary of the Education Committee of the Legal Commission of Banks (1386 – 1400)
• Editorial Member of Payame Mehr Magazine of Keshavarzi Bank (1386-1391)
• Legal expert of Keshavarzi Bank (1383 – 1392)
• Banker (Agricultural Bank) (1374 – 1382)

 • Holds a PhD in Educational Management from Islamic Azad University, West Branch of Tehran (1395-1399)
• Hold a master’s degree in educational management from Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon Branch (1386-1388)
• Bachelor’s degree in Judicial Law from Islamic Azad University, Ghaemshaher Branch (1375 – 1378)

Dr. Ahmad Valipour

( Consultant and Communication Development Manager )

Jafar Sadeghi

( Lawyer and Legal and Judicial Advisor )

• Legal advisor and lawyer of private companies
• Legal Director of one of the Deputies of the Ministry of Guidance (1388)
• Legal founder of Dadgaran Mehrtalab
• Active in the fields of industry, production and construction
• Active in the field of immigration to Australia

  • Graduated law from the University of Tehran (1374)

  • Marketing & sales Director of Faranegar Zarfam Holding
  • Director of Strategy Department in Daama  Advertising Agency
  • Director of Account Management Department in CMS GROUP |Ukrainian Based Holding Branding & Advertising, Iran Branch
  • Head of Sales Department | Strategist in Kanoon Iran Novin Advertising Agency
  • Business Consultant In Various Small and Medium Businesses
  • Account Manager in NamaAgahi| Advertising Agency
  • Marketing Manager in Afranet; Owaan | E-Commerce Joint Venture with Hamrah Aval
  • Marketing Manager in Teleyare (Snap Doctor) | Phone Counseling Social Online Platform (StartUp)
  • Content Marketing Manager in Tiam Social | Public Opinion Management
  • Lecturer and Instructor in “Culture and Art University” Photojournalism
  • Tarbiat Modares University) Post DBA; Post Doctorate of Business Administration(
  • Tehran University) DBA; Doctorate of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)(
  • Eastern Mediterranean University )Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design Master program(
  • Eastern Mediterranean University) Communication and Media Studies   Master program(

Niloufar Safapour