Khorasan Science and Technology Park hosted an event on January 14, 2024, with the presence of Mohammad Vahidirad and Dr. Shahin Ghazi Bayat in Mashhad

The name of Iran-Canada Business Association was included in the list of the most professional associations active in Canada by the Faculty of Management and Business of British Columbia.

In a meeting with Mr. Chandra Arya MP

Received a letter of thanks from the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
For the publication of the first Persian reference book on trade with Canada (the book on trade with/from/in Canada)
Because there is no official permission to publish the content of the letter, parts of the letter have been intentionally blurred.

A photo taken in the middle of a live interview in Iran Jaam & Jam Consultant program

A photo of friendly meeting with Quebec provincial higher education department manager

Job finding counseling sessions to help immigrants in the first symposium of Specialist Iranians in Montreal Canada

Meeting with world stock exchange teacher, Houman Meghrazi at Iran & Canada commercial association office